Art Houz KIDS


KinderART 4 – 6 Years

Can you think of anything more exciting than discovering your young child’s passion for Art? Our kinder artists will embark in an exploration of learning through the use of coloring pencils, pastels, tempera, watercolor, collage, print making and art mediums of all kinds. With guidance from our art teachers, your little artist will produce creative works of art during their weekly class. Your mini artist will have the opportunity to showcase their works of art during our annual Art Houz Art Exhibit.   

KidsART 7 – 11 Years

Encouraging kids to express their creativity  is our passion here at Art Houz. Our expertly crafted KidsART curriculum is developed to engage students. Young artists will experiment with mediums such as graphite, pastels, acrylic, print making. Tied into each lesson is an introduction  to art masters in the corresponding medium thereby expanding students knowledge of art history. Students will have the opportunity to showcase their works of art during our annual Art Houz Art Exhibit.

Classes include introduction to basic art principles, techniques and skill acquisition through application of mixed media. One class per week (see calendar for class breakdown). Annual art exhibition of child’s work at Art Houz Gallery.


Learning composition is a crucial component of the TeenART curriculum. Art principles are explored in-depth through fine art exploration using charcoal and graphite pencils on fine paper and oil paint on canvas.  Creativity is sparked when TeenART students begin exploring Contemporary Art. Through experimentation of refined mediums students are guided to find their own unique style thereby uncovering their inner artist. In TeenART students are introduced to advanced mediums and methods such as acrylic, collage and gels. Showcasing the fruits of their labor our teen students will have an opportunity to have their work exhibited at our annual Art Houz Art Show. 

$160 Per Month

(all supplies included)